Managing Director

The managing director of Computacare since its inception in 2001, John is the driving force behind what Computacare has become today. Through his dedication to his customers and his team, he has created a mutual loyalty between Computacare and everyone involved. Because of his background in teaching, the whole ethos of Computacare is based around ongoing education. John envisions Computacare as the go-to specialist technological cleaning services provider for the South, and has the drive and ambition to extend the company country wide. Taking a hands-on approach to his position, John is always there for any client or employee in any situation.


Operations Director

With John since the creation of Computacare, Dave has been dedicated to the company from the start. He has become an indispensable part of the company’s function, and his background in industrial chemistry gives Computacare a distinct edge over the competition. You’ll find Dave out in the field more than in the office, and he is never happier than when he can be involved firsthand in a project. A family man through and through, Dave sees Computacare as an extension of his home.


Head of Marketing

A fresh face at Computacare, Jenna has begun her role after studying for her Master’s at Oxford Brookes in International Business. Originally from The United States, she brings an innovative approach to marketing and business development. New to the UK, Jenna is excited to establish a unique brand with Computacare, and can see the company becoming a major player in the UK specialist cleaning industry. Jenna believes that a company’s responsibility is to more than just its clients, and she is looking forward to getting involved in the local community in various ways.


Admin assistant

After joining Computacare from Middleton Murray as a level three apprentice in March 2019 , Jade immediately found a home in the company. Since joining, she has extended her role so she is now an irreplaceable member of the team. Both directors, the staff, and the clients rely on Jade to provide the communication necessary to make everything happen, from the smallest details to the largest operations. Aspiring to take on advanced roles, Computacare is setting her up for all of the success in her future.


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