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Since its founding, Computacare Services has been one of the most trusted names in the industry. Hire us for all of your data centre cleaning needs and learn how we cater to the needs of each client, ensuring the results you need and deserve.



Protecting the Mission Critical Environment

Computer rooms and data centres are a critical part of any business or organisation. Cleaning and decontamination by specialist skilled operatives helps to safeguard the business by reducing the risk of outage or downtime and the high cost of business interruption.

Research shows that many of the problems experienced in these critical environments are due to contamination with particles such as concrete, carbon, metal and paper. Any of these particles can threaten computer mainframes and storage equilibrium. Lower dust and static levels result in reduced failure rates, consistent data availability and greater reliability and productivity. A regular cleaning programme will also enhance the working environment for both staff and visitors.

Computacare’s highly trained operatives have extensive experience in the specialist cleaning and maintenance of computer rooms and data centres, I.T. hardware and associated equipment. Our specialist cleaning chemicals provide a high quality of cleanliness and effective protection from static discharge. The specialist knowledge and techniques gained over many years of experience will ensure that facilities can be kept running whilst cleaning is undertaken and disruption to day-to-day business is minimised.

Zinc whiskers are becoming an increasing problem for data centres. We are able to carry out surveys, arrange testing, provide reports, and – if necessary – carry out remediation work. We aim to provide a consistently high level of customer satisfaction.

After surveying the data centre and consulting with you, we will develop a structured cleaning and protection schedule for your entire data centre, including floor and ceiling voids where applicable. This can be quarterly, six-monthly, annually, or monthly, weekly or daily, whatever best suits your specific needs and budget. The initial clinical clean will be fully supervised by a qualified IT engineer to ensure that best practice cleaning procedures are followed so that work is completed thoroughly and professionally.

Leading IT manufacturers recommend that subfloor voids should be regularly cleaned (at least bi-annually) to make sure that air flow is maintained. We have wide experience of cleaning a variety of different facilities of varying sizes and will be happy to visit and advise on your particular needs.


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